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April 15 2016


Do Not Join Push Button Profits Prior-to reading This!

Push Button Profits
I've been doing my required research and interviewing folks the popular marketing system called Push Button Profits for the last two months.

Is Push Button Profits useless? No.

Traffic Authority
Push Button Profits can be a marketing system that sells traffic from Traffic Authority. Traffic Authority allows affiliates to signup and promote their products and services, plus return, they will purchase from you a residual income on top of any sales that you simply make.

Affiliate marketing is very little scam. It's simply a strategy to sell other people's services and get paid a commission to do this.

Push Button Profits allows affiliates to employ a system for making these sales, along with return, the affiliates receive money a commission. It's a very easy to understand concept.

Are you able to make money reselling traffic? YES! Google and Facebook are making billions per month reselling visitors to people who need to advertise their site. Traffic Authority has setup an easy way to become traffic resellers and produce commissions on the sale of the traffic packages.

My review for Push Button Profits can be a 4 out of 5. Easy to setup. Easy to know. Easy to earn commissions. I removed one point just because it does cost money to become a joint venture partner.

You can check out the webinar replay here:


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